Things to practice

Big Apple Contest

The famous Big Apple Contest routine is seen in the movie "Keep Punching" and is accredited to the great Lindy Hop dancer, Frankie Manning. Watch the original footage here!

Here is a list of the moves and Jason taking you through the first section, so you can learn the routine at home.

1. Shout Step

2. Break step

3. Stomp off

4. Rockin'

5. Boogie forward

6. Boogie-back

7. Apple Jacks

8. Gaze so far

9. Suzy-Q

10. Fall of the log

11. Shake the dust

12. Spank the baby

13. Jump Charleston

14. Break cross

15. Boogie side into Boogie-back

16. Boogie forward with cool breeze knees

17. Boogie-back your partner

18. Knee slap into freeze

19. Skip

20. London Bridge

21. Running with clapping rhythm

22. Break into line

23. Kick triples

24. Skip-up

25. Fall of the log

26. Sailor step (skating)

27. Stomp off

28. 2 x Fall of the log

29. Rockin'

30. Boogie side back

31. Shorty George

32. Charleston

33. Long-legged George

34. Rhythm knee slap

35. Cross-step down into Suzy-Q

36. Suzy-Q and jump Charleston

37. Peckin' with movement

38. Fall of the log with Boogie-back

39. Boogie-back

40. Break step

41. Break a leg

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