Balboa beginners course “Blue”

Beginners Balboa

This is our 2nd Beginner Balboa course, it’s aimed at everyone including those that did the previous course. Some of the content is the same but there will also be new moved and technics.

Balboa is another style of swing dance, it is a close hold partner dance which is great for faster music as the movements are smaller. We will start you off at the beginning, by the end of the course you will be able to play with the dance.

The course is for 6 weeks but you will need to book a space as numbers are limited.The venue for both course will be Fratton community center.

Beginners Balboa Course “Blue”

6 Week Beginners Balboa Course Couple £74.08

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6 Week Beginners Blue Course Follow  £37.44

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6 Week Beginners Blue Course Lead £37.44

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